Delivering commercial advantage - KLAW LNG

Delivering commercial advantage

KLAW LNG – delivering commercial advantage

  • Over 1000 LNG ship-to-ship transfers.
  • 150 million m3 of transferred LNG.
  • Over 20 KLAW LNG hose transfer systems in use around the world.
  • A 100% safety record.

Data as at October 2016.

Over ten years of commercial operational experience confirms efficiency in transfer and maintenance; and durability of both the systems and individual components for KLAW LNG transfer systems.

So what were the technical considerations and challenges behind the development of KLAW LNG Hose Transfer systems?

In 2006, KLAW LNG delivered the world’s first commercial ship-to-ship LNG hose transfer system.

The initial brief from the operator was both enlightened and challenging. The client understood the practicalities of managing efficiency and risk within a demanding schedule of cryogenic transfers; and the need to cost-efficiently maintain those standards over the system’s expected operational life of 20 years.

The ability to cost-efficiently maintain global operations

Any adopted system would have to be flexible to grow and adapt to the global logistical efficiencies this developing and expanding industry would demand; typically, the ability to coordinate with dynamic and ever-changing global maintenance logistics as expected from a moving fleet of LNG Vessels. Meeting these needs was achieved through modular design which allows for efficient change-out and upgrade of system components. Components that can even be moved between vessels.

For example, the compact designs of KLAW LNG Emergency Release Couplings are a major advantage in the global movement, installation and on-ship handling of units.

Inspection, servicing, routine change-out and upgrades are therefore simplified; and in a competitive environment, the advantage of lower downtime, reduced logistic and maintenance costs and improved customer service have proved to deliver considerable advantages to the operator.

lng ship to ship

The KLAW LNG modular system is designed to meet the demands of high frequency transfers and the commercial logistics of global operations


The system required durability and this was achieved through innovative design which removed much of the complicated technology found in previous LNG Loading Arm transfer applications.

For example, a solution had to be found to the complexity of previous multi-actuation mechanisms and the interdependence of components within traditional LNG Loading Arm Ball Valve technology. This was due to the wider range of risk and operational scenarios that might occur with frequent ship-to-ship cryogenic transfers over the operational lifetime of the system. The risk of spurious release and the lack of failsafe-to-close at ESD-2 exposed by traditional Loading Arm technology also had to be addressed.

The solution is the Collar Release and Double Closure Valve (DCV) system offered by KLAW LNG.

After ten years of in-field operational experience, KLAW LNG systems are delivering exactly what they were designed to do: providing commercial advantage to operators through durable, safe and efficient modern technology.


KLAW LNG Systems comply to EN1474-3, ISO18683,  EN13765, EN13766, EN12434, EN1473, EN1474-1, EN1474-2 and conform to OCIMF, ISO, SIGTTO, SGMF, IMO IGC and IGF.