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KLAW LNG Emergency Release Coupling

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ERC: Emergency Release Coupling

Shuts off transfer flow and separates in an emergency

klaw lng erc
  • Instant or controlled closure
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Efficient flow transfer
  • Cryogenic and ambient temperature cycles

KLAW LNG delivers the full support package -
from feasibility to first gas and the full system life cycle

KLAW LNG Emergency Release Couplings offer safe and identified parting points within the LNG hose transfer system.

The ERC is integrated within the line and is the safety link between the transfer hose and the on-ship transfer system. The ERC is designed to close and separate and make safe the LNG flow when an event occurs.

The ERC operates at cryogenic temperatures.

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Shuts off transfer flow in an emergency

When activated in an emergency, the ERC separates and the valves close. The double valve closure shuts the downstream and upstream LNG flow on each side of the separation.

Instant closure

The instant closure of the KLAW Flip-Flap valve mechanism within the ERC delivers the crucial advantage of minimal spill.

Controlled closure

The KLAW ERC range offers controlled closure options. This delivers additional control over shutdown of flow.

Compact and lightweight

Compared to other options, the KLAW ERC is compact and lightweight: a valuable feature in the challenging conditions of offshore environments.

Installation, maintenance and handling of the ERC on activation and reinstatement along with operation and management in confined spaces is much easier.

The KLAW STS LNG transfer system is a mobile system that can be transferred from and to any vessel if required.

Efficient flow transfer

The KLAW Flip-Flap valve design provides minimal flow restriction and therefore low pressure drop.

KLAW ERC sizes

KLAW LNG offers ERC systems in all sizes up to 10” NB. Larger sizes can be provided on application.

Cryogenic and ambient temperature cycles

The KLAW LNG ERC is designed to meet the demands of cryogenic to ambient temperature cycles.

The operating temperature of the LNG transfer system is cryogenic. When not commissioned, the system returns to an ambient temperature which can vary depending on the environment in which the system is operating.

KLAW LNG transfer systems are designed to sustain these repeated extreme temperature cycles.

10 inch LNG Emergency Release Coupling

The KLAW LNG ERC10 is a 10-inch Emergency Release Coupling and is the latest addition to the LNG ERC range.

The ERC10 is part of a complete 10-inch LNG transfer system available from KLAW LNG range.

The KLAW LNG ERC10 offers flow rates equal to 10-inch transfer hose capabilities.

The unique and compact design of the ERC10 enables safe and easy handling.

The KLAW LNG ERC10 design is by far the most lightweight LNG Emergency Release Coupling in the industry.

This provides considerable advantages regarding the management of the unit; such as installation, reinstallation, completion of maintenance schedules and on-ship weight efficiency.

ERC10 additional features

  • 100% shut-off
  • Double closure valve system
  • Controlled dual valve closure prevents flow surge

This is an important element when managing the flow rates expected of a 10-inch LNG transfer system.

This LNG ERC offers significant savings in bulk transfer time and costs over alternative systems.