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Hoses designed to deliver the longest operational life

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A robust heavy-duty hose range designed for the rigors of LNG transfer and offshore environments.

A KLAW LNG transfer system with Gutteling hoses offers the optimum LNG transfer solution.

The Gutteling Composite Hose range is the market leader in LNG transfer applications and is also part of the Trelleborg Gas Transfer offering – enabling the widest range of optimum LNG transfer solutions in the industry.

Typical applications

Ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore
LNG bulk transfer
LNG bunkering
Also suitable for Vapor return lines.

Typical operations

Ships, barges and marine terminals.


Many years of comprehensive in-field experience and an extended test program with TNO and Shell confirms the Gutteling hose range is the natural choice for modern and efficient LNG hose transfer operations.

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Type and Class Approvals


BV – Bureau Veritas
ABS – American Bureau of Shipping: according to EN 1474-II and EN 12434.

KLAW LNG delivers the full support package -
from feasibility to first gas and the full system life cycle