QC/DC and Isolating Flange - KLAW LNG

QC/DC and Isolating Flange

QC/DC Cryogenic Camlock Coupling

The KLAW LNG Cryogenic Camlock Coupling replaces the conventional time consuming and hazardous method of drift pin, nut and bolt flange connection.

The permanently positioned O Ring face seal provides a dependable and leak-proof seal and avoids the hazard of crushed hands and fingers when attempting to fix conventional gaskets between flanges.

Connection time is also greatly reduced.

The advanced design allows an area of contact between the cam and mating flange face. The helical arrangement ensures a definite wedging action; making it impossible to loosen during normal operating conditions when there is pressure in the line.

A round steel bar or special locking wench is the only tool needed to lock, tighten or release the cam.

The Cryogenic Camlock Coupling will fit any existing flange of pipe arrangement.