SIL2 Compliant PLC System - KLAW LNG

SIL2 Compliant PLC System

Safety Integrity Level – SIL 2
Compliant Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Systems

KLAW LNG PLC Systems provide control over the transfer system.

SIL2 Compliant PLC Systems to manage the safety of LNG Transfer Systems are part of the project range available from KLAW LNG and are constructively contributing to evolving practices, procedures and regulations in the LNG Transfer sector.

KLAW LNG SIL2 Compliant PLC Systems have been developed in accordance with IEC 61508 with SIL2 Declaration of Conformity for the Transfer System including the Emergency Release Coupling.
Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF) have been identified to achieve a minimum probability failure on demand for the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2. The achieved Risk Reduction Factor (RRF) for each SIF is also provided.

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