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KLAW LNG Reputation

KLAW LNG reputation


Many hundreds of LNG commercial transfers have been safely conducted using KLAW LNG transfer systems. The KLAW vigorous research and development programme will ensure that KLAW maintains its technological advantage and remain the natural choice for LNG Safety transfer systems.

KLAW has been involved in the development of safe LNG transfer solutions from the very beginning

KLAW provided eight cryogenic Emergency Release Couplings to Exmar for the first ever commercial offshore ship-to-ship hose transfer of LNG.

The ship-to-ship operation involved the transfer of 20,650 m3 of LNG from the 130,800 m3 LNG Regasification Vessel (LNGRV) Excelsior to the 138,000 m3 Excalibur; a conventional LNG carrier.

KLAW also provided an air-driven Hydraulic Power Unit which ensured the system was entirely self-contained.
Before this commercial exercise, LNG had only ever been transferred between ships positioned offshore on a handful of occasions as necessity following an incident rather than a viable transfer solution.

As an experienced designer, manufacturer and supplier of breakaway couplings, emergency release systems and ERCs, KLAW developed the cryogenic ERCs specifically to accommodate the requirements of the Exmar ship-to-ship transfer operation.

As part of this development process the KLAW cryogenic ERC underwent extensive and rigorous cryogenic testing over several weeks to achieve Bureau Veritas Type Approval.

Since this first operation back in 2006, KLAW has continued to supply complete systems to ensure the industry can make use of this commercially viable transfer method.

Image Courtesy of Excelerate Energy