KLAW LNG Systems

KLAW LNG Systems

The KLAW LNG Emergency Release System (ERS) has been in service since 2006. The KLAW LNG safety transfer range is the only proven Emergency Release System for LNG hose transfer systems.

The KLAW LNG system consists of an Emergency Release Coupling (ERC) fitted within a transfer line and a control system. There is usually more than one ERC and transfer line within the Emergency Release System.

LNG STS Transfer system side view

KLAW LNG Emergency Release Systems have three main functions.

The first function of the KLAW Emergency Release System is to help provide an efficient and safe method of LNG transfer during normal LNG transfer operations.

The second is to provide an effective and managed closedown system in the event of an emergency.

The third function is to provide a safe and efficient system to vacate the LNG Carrier of LNG cargo due to or during an emergency.

The safety element of the LNG transfer system is provided by the Emergency Release Coupling which is a safety point within the LNG transfer line. The ERC is designed to close down, separate and make safe the LNG flow when an event occurs.

LNG ship to ship

KLAW Emergency Release Coupling

The ERC is integrated within the line and is the safety link between the transfer hose and the on-ship transfer system.

KLAW HPU Control system

The ERC is controlled a KLAW Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) which allows the emergency release of all the manifold connections in a matter of seconds. These connections offer double valve closure and safe and identified parting points within the transfer system.