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LNG HPU Emergency Control System

The Emergency Release System is controlled by the KLAW LNG Power Unit.

The Power Unit enables emergency release of all manifold connections in seconds.

The KLAW Power Unit is a critical element in the correct and successful operation of the LNG Emergency Release System (ERS).

The Power Unit system enables the operator a single point of control over the ERS which means an ERC can be activated for other reasons beyond Vessel Separation Detection protocol.


LNG Bulk and Terminal Transfer
LNG Bunkering

klaw lng bulk transfer phpu

Typical KLAW LNG Bulk transfer HPU

Typical KLAW LNG bunkering HPU

Control options

There are many control options that can be integrated into the Power Unit system including automated options.

These control variables facilitate the release of the couplings under different scenarios and conditions.

The Power Unit can:

  • Operate a single ERC or a system of up to 10 ERC units.
  • Can be pneumatic, hydraulic, electric or hybrid.
  • The Power Unit is also used to reset the ERS following activation.

Power Unit integrated redundancy features

The KLAW Power Unit is a critical element within the LNG safety system and possesses integrated series parallel backup systems to ensure functionality.

This extensive range of redundancy features is designed to accommodate every perceived eventuality.

Modes of operation

The KLAW Power Unit provides several modes of operation including Manual, Automatic and Automatic On-vessel Separation.

  • Emergency Shut Down (ESD) integration.
  • The KLAW Power Unit can be integrated with the vessel’s ESD system.
  • Automatic Sequence Release System (ASRS).

The Power Unit has a fully automatic release function which instigates an ERC separation in the event of unplanned or unexpected ship to ship separation.

Compact and robust designs

Units offer minimum footprint and can be located either inside or externally depending on project specification.

klaw lng hpu unit on deck

Power supply backup systems

The KLAW LNG Power Unit offers power backup systems to counter power supply failure.


SIL2 compliant systems are available in the range of options.

Contact the team for further information and demonstrations of these SIL2 Level safety features.

SILSIS – SIL2 Compliant PLC System

  • Safety Integrity Level – SIL 2
  • Compliant Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Systems

SIL2 Compliant PLC Systems are part of the project range and are constructively contributing to evolving practices, procedures and regulations in the LNG Transfer sector.

KLAW LNG SIL2 Compliant PLC Systems have been developed in accordance with IEC 61508 with SIL2 Declaration of Conformity for the Transfer System including the Emergency Release Coupling.

Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF) have been identified to achieve a minimum probability failure on demand for Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2. Achieved Risk Reduction Factor (RRF) for each SIF is also provided.

klaw lng silsis screen

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