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Bulk Transfer

Delivering optimum availability

The only LNG hose transfer system to have successfully completed an ESD2 activation during an STS LNG Transfer.

  • The world’s first FRSU Hose transfer system.
  • The world’s first FLNG Hose transfer system.
  • The world’s first SIL2 Hose system.
  • The world’s largest LNG trans-shipment operation to date with over 130 STS transfers every six months in arctic environments.


Delivering commercial scalability

  • The world’s first LNG STS Bunkering system.
  • The widest selection of bunkering projects including Ship-to-Ship and Shore-to-Ship applications.
  • The world’s largest LNG Bunkering Vessel currently in operation: the 18.6k GAS AGILITY Vessel involving 3×8” line STS hose transfer system.
  • First SIL2 STS Bunkering system (on board the New Frontier 1).
  • Pioneering ATB bunkering barge application for Q-LNG in the US; incorporating a 6” transfer system.


Enabling commercial flexibility

  • The first SIL2 LNG Hose Transfer System in Montego Bay.
  • Cost-effective alternative to conventional Marine Loading Arms (MLA) – without compromising efficiency or safety.
klaw lng ship to ship transfer

Delivering proven infield system and support capabilities within the following requirements:

  • Meeting or surpassing infield performance criteria for safety, transfer efficiency and real-life emergency scenarios.
  • Maintaining consistent system performance standards over at least three maintenance cycles.
  • Meeting all design, technical and performance standards as expected by client.

Image Courtesy of Excelerate Energy

Enabling operations with the full support package -
from feasibility to first gas and the full system life cycle

Thousands of LNG commercial transfers have been safely conducted using KLAW LNG transfer systems.

Vigorous research and development programs ensure the KLAW LNG range maintains its technological advantage and continues to be the natural choice for LNG Safety transfer systems.

KLAW LNG was involved in the development of safe LNG transfer solutions from the very beginning.

Eight cryogenic Emergency Release Couplings were commissioned by Excelerate for the first ever commercial offshore ship-to-ship hose transfer of LNG.

The ship-to-ship operation involved the transfer of 20,650 m3 of LNG from the 130,800 m3 LNG Regasification Vessel (LNGRV) Excelsior to the 138,000 m3 Excalibur; a conventional LNG carrier.

KLAW also provided a Control Unit which ensured the system was entirely self-contained and easy to deploy.

Before this commercial exercise, LNG had only ever been transferred between ships positioned offshore on a handful of occasions – as a necessity following an incident rather than a viable transfer solution.

As part of this development process the KLAW cryogenic ERC underwent extensive and rigorous cryogenic testing to achieve Bureau Veritas Type Approval.


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