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CryoFC and CryFCv

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Reduces LNG Transfer connection time by up to 75%.

klaw lng cryofc
  • Greatly improved connection time efficiencies.
  • Quick responses to changing weather or other approaching emergencies.

The only cryogenic flange connector in the world designed and proven in LNG ship-to-ship transfer commercial operations.

klaw lng cryofc test


Designed to meet the operational demands of ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore LNG transfer.

  • The time-consuming traditional process of attaching nuts and bolts is eliminated.
  • Transfer connection times reduced by up to 75%.
klaw cryofcv in operation


All the advantages of the CryoFC are enhanced with the CryoFCv which includes a valve for closing off the line on disconnection.

The need to flush the hose lines on disconnection is eliminated.

Shown: CryoFCv in commercial operation.