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Support designed to maximize transfer availability

A partnership designed to maximize LNG transfer availability
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The complete partnership: from project feasibility to first gas and life-cycle system support to decommissioning.

Designed to deliver optimum solutions for LNG transfer within Bulk, Terminal and Bunkering applications.

This range of support services is based on unrivalled infield experience and technical expertise; and a track record that has kept the KLAW range at the forefront of safe and efficient LNG transfer.

Project support

A comprehensive project management team with the ability and experience to ensure projects progress efficiently and are delivered on time and within budget.

A typical example of the standard offered during this process is the Bureau Veritas Certification ISO 9001 for Quality Management.

The capacity to work with operators and owners to explore all options and ensure optimum project suitability for the application, the expected environments and the delivery of both existing and potential commercial expectations.

Typical examples:

  • Commercial bunkering scalability that enables greater capability to adjust to potential or changing demand.
  • Logistical flexibility to facilitate the movement of assets between locations and vessels to ensure greater commercial adaptability.
  • Equipment and procedures designed to minimize transfer connection times.
  • System efficiency that delivers minimum downtime for maintenance and service schedules.

Procedural support

Working together to develop technical and operational procedures during the project development process.

Document support ensures procedures deliver optimized operations and that resources are planned and allocated in advance of system commissioning.

This includes IOM (Installation Operation and Maintenance) manuals specifically designed for each system configuration and customer.

Life-cycle support

A comprehensive range of system life-cycle support services.

This includes:

Training and crew support

Transfer and emergency system and procedural management training.

Seminars and workshops that can be conducted remotely, on client premises/vessel or at the Technology Centre in the UK.

Scheduled rotational training designed to deliver refresher product and procedural updates. Specific training packages are also available.

Either scheduled or real-time technical and procedural support is also available.

Emergency and Activation support

Remote and emergency response teams are available to respond to any real-time operational situation.

Service and maintenance schedules

Technical Service Teams can be scheduled to service equipment on vessel.

A proactive maintenance management program enables scheduled maintenance schedules and prompts of approaching maintenance dates.

System component refurbishment

System components such as Emergency Release Couplings and HPUs can be returned for refurbishment as part of a service schedule.