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Typical KLAW LNG Ship-to-ship bulk transfer system
klaw lng transfer system

ESD- More


ESD - Emergency Shutdown Systems

Complete control and management of emergency situations


Delivering ESD1 and ESD2 protocols

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Hose- More


Hoses for LNG Transfer

Composite hoses designed for LNG cryogenic transfer


Designed for the rigours of LNG transfer procedures
Enables consistent cryogenic temperature transfer

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CryoFC Quick Connect- More

CryoFC Quick Connect

CryroFC connection

Quick and safe connection.


Reduces connection time by up to 75%
Enables changing weather quick response
No need to flush the lines on disconnection

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HPU- More


LNG HPU Emergency Control System

Automatic and manual management of LNG Transfer ESD


Minimum footprint
Pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and hybrid options
Choice of standards including SIL2
Integrated redundancy features
Power supply backup systems

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Vessel Separation Detection- More

Vessel Separation Detection

Vessel Separation Detection

Fully automated vessel separation detection


Instigates ESD1 then ESD2 protocols
Compact with minimum deck footprint

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Y-Piece and Reducer- More

Y-Piece and Reducer

Y-Piece and Reducer

Designed for maximum flow configurations


Developed for the rigours of offshore LNG transfer

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Emergency Release Coupling- More

Emergency Release Coupling

ERC: Emergency Release Coupling

Shuts off transfer flow and separates in an emergency


Instant or controlled closure
Compact and lightweight
Efficient flow transfer
Cryogenic and ambient temperature cycles

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Saddle- More


Supporting hoses during LNG transfer


Optimized for minimum footprint
Fall Arrest containment option
Adjustable options for greater operational flexibility
Static or mobile options

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Fall Arrest- More

Fall Arrest

Fall Arrest

Controlling the descent of hoses during an emergency


Range of Fall Arrest systems designed to meet your specific operational requirements

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The only LNG hose transfer system to have been activated and successfully protect assets and operations multiple times in the field.